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    Our smart supply chain solutions for the entire product lifecycle help you gain competitive advantage in your markets. From design and engineering through to manufacturing and after-market services, we help you reduce costs, improve speed-to-market and drive innovation.

    2017 Design and Engineering Overview

    Design and Engineering

    Design innovation can be the difference between a product that gets to market and one that defines the market. Our technical depth in design and engineering enables the launch of competitively unique products.

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    2017 JDM Overview

    Joint Design and Manufacturing

    Our solutions for the communications, storage, server and smart energy markets help you reach your markets faster, while reducing design costs and building valuable IP.

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    2017 Manufacturing Overview

    Manufacturing Services

    Through our manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed your products to market and help you gain a competitive edge.

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    2017 Precision Machining

    Precision Machining

    We offer the latest in machine tool technology to fuel your competitive advantage—simple to complex and from prototype through to production.

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    2017 Supply Chain Overview

    Supply Chain Services

    Celestica’s supply chain services deliver supply chain innovation on demand. We offer a bold, yet proven service solution designed to grow market share and profit.

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    2017 Logistics Overview

    Logistics and Fulfillment

    Our logistics and fulfillment services help you reduce transportation costs without upfront capital investment, gain improved supply chain visibility and configure your products at the last minute.

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    2017 Aftermarket Overview

    After-Market Services

    We don’t just repair returns, we prevent them. Celestica’s proven expertise ensures that your products are repaired correctly, minimizing repeat returns and reducing warranty costs.

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    We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.